The Convenience of Navigation System Technology

Global Positioning System or also known as GPS is a space-based radio navigation system. The whole system of this technology includes 24 satellites and ground support. This technology is originally developed by the U.S. military for intelligence and detection purposes, but it has been recently opened to the public for more convenient living.

Most GPS users right now are car owners who loves to travel places, the inconvenience of reading maps while driving is now canceled out with the help of this navigation system that is truly a break through in technology.

New vehicles produced by bug manufacturers all over the world now include GPS on their new units to map out an area and give directions for the car’s driver. This device is usually mounted on the car for the driver to see it easily.

What is fascinating about this technology is it has all the maps of all most every part of the Earth, the map is so detailed that it doesn’t only give you street names but also help you to get into your destination as fast as possible by giving turn-by-turn directions.

That navigation system or GPS devices that we can use and carry with our hands is the latest form of this technology today. Gamin, Nokia, Magellen and TomTom are the most popular brands of GPS receivers today. These brands make use of the information from 24 satellites to give a detailed display of position of the GPS carrier, and also enable the carrier to view places from other parts of the world.

Each and every 24 satellites gives off information through at least 3 other satellites to determine your position on Earth, then makes a calculation based on mathematical principle known as trilateration to determine the position of the receiver on Earth.

The satellite calculates distances between that satellite and other satellites, and then calculates the distance between those satellites from the receiver’s position on Earth, these calculations gives detailed information to the GPS carrier.

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